Turner/tipper for boxes and octabins (Medical & Aromatic plants)

The use of boxes and octabins has been common in the medical aromatic plants (MAP) sector for decades.

Emptying the trays can occur in many ways, but using special inverters with dosing bunkers is seen as the most effective, accurate and reliable. These inverters are made to your desires and for your application. Naturally customised to the dimensions of your boxes. Some of the possible applications can be found below.


Right: An inverter with dosingbunker and feeder to a calibrating/sieveinstallation.

Inverter with dosing bunker to a feeder. This can serve as a supply point for various machines. 

The supply can be controlled by means of dosing on the bottom side. The box or octabin is clamped with a double pressure mechanism, without being damaged.

From box to hopper containers. From octabin to box with automatic closure and dust extraction.

From box through dosing bunker and feeder to small calibration-sieve unit. The correct dosing is guaranteed! 

These are some examples of what our inverters can mean to your process.